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10. Thankful – 10. Grato

TextosemInglês 10. Thankful. No one wants to die. Everyone wants to live. Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams. Life is beautiful. We should love all. We...

16. Why work is important? – 16. Por que o trabalho é importante?

TextosemInglês 16. Why work is important? Work is important. Everyone should work. We work to earn money. We work to stay fit. We work to...

13. A gift – 13. Um presente

TextosemInglês 13. A gift Jack goes to school daily. One morning, while getting ready for school, he saw his tattered shoes. He was very upset. He...

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14. Healthy meal – 14. Refeição saudável

TextosemInglês 14. Healthy meal Noah‘s mother was a doctor. She made a healthy breakfast for Noah. She always asked Noah to have eggs and apples for...

100. Man likes adventure – 100. O homem gosta de aventura

TextosemInglês 100. Man likes adventure. Jayden is a college student. He loves adventure. He loves going on a trip. Every year he visits a different place....

18. David miss his mother – 18. David sente falta de sua mãe

TextosemInglês 18. David miss his mother. David goes to a boarding school. He was not allowed to use a cellphone. It was time for...

21. Fly like a Bird – 21. Voe como um pássaro

TextosemInglês 21. Fly like a Bird. Ella was a 14-year-old girl. She was very beautiful. She had a very kind heart. She had many pets. She...



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